Message from the founder

Message from the founder

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It’s exciting and exhilarating, enthralling and entertaining. Always frustrating but sometimes, just sometimes it delivers life-affirming highs. And if you’re lucky enough and work hard enough, it will deliver you from ‘working life’ and give you an income while you do something you love.

I am of course talking about creating a startup.

And that’s what we’re here for. At pNeura, we’re for entrepreneurs. 

We provide the platform that supports you. 

We provide the insights and pathways and nudges to help you along your journey.

And, we connect you with a whole bunch of people who can help you too, perhaps with some advice, and maybe with some capital. At pNeura we also love investors. Not just the big VC’s (although we love them to be sure), but more so the angel investors and individuals who are looking for the next great technology startup that needs an early stage investment…they just need some visibility of what’s out there!

So download the app, and get started. I’ll be your first follower.

And let us know what you think. We’re on a journey just like you are and want to make pNeura better every day!

Carl Spurling