Dynamic v’s Static

Dynamic v’s Static

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One of the distinguishing features of running a startup versus working in a corporate or established business is just how dynamic they are…and how static and slow the alternative is. 

That sense of dynamism is one of the reasons we built pNeura in the way we did. There are alternatives for tracking the progress of startups but they mainly focus on funding rounds and listings of executives and investors. They’re research based and hence are out of date very quickly if not constantly maintained. 

But a startup is not like that. The life of a startup can be like an electron changing levels. It happens in the blink of an eye. New product features are released, customers are gained (and lost), new technology is developed, partnerships are formed. Any number of these things could hapen within a week or two and the company is changed forever. 

I’ve had a go at most of those things within a corporation and any one of them could take a year or more. Releasing a new product is a 12 month process. From meeting a potential partner to inking the deal could take even longer.

Startups do those things quickly (or they won’t last long) and pNeura exists to get the message out when they do. We’re not too interested in finessing the message and we don’t think investors or other entrepreneurs or friends and family are either. Lengthy, perfectly crafted messaging is static and it clashes with the dynamic reality of running a startup.

That’s why we’ve created pNeura’s menu of micro-updates. They’re fast and dynamic, not slow and static like the old world that we’re all trying to disrupt!