Covering Ground

Covering Ground

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Nobody becomes an entrepreneur for an easy ride. 

We do it because we’ve chosen to follow our passion to the end. 

We do it because we believe that by our actions, others, potentially millions of others, will have easier lives, or more successful lives and just have more fun. 

But along the way, there is enormous hardship and sacrifice. There will be problems in getting to your first product launch. Timelines will blow out and more money will be required. Your favourite feature will be rejected by your only two customers, and the thing you thought was an added extra, will end up being the only thing they’re willing to pay for! 

Technology will be slow and clunky, nothing like the rock solid experience you’re used to with the billion dollar companies you interact with every day (how do they do it?!).

New hires will turn out all wrong, potential investors will disappear, and your logo will look old fashioned (acually old-fashioned looking logos aren’t the end of the world).

But you’ll keep trying. You’ll keep working because you’re drawing on an endless energy source called ‘purpose’. We’ve all been through it, and we continue to go through it. We’re doing the same with pNeura, pushing through all of the above (except the logo thing…ours rocks!) driven by our mission to enable a potential connection between every entrepreneur and every investor on the planet.

But after days and weeks of effort, the feeling will come that you’re covering ground, gliding across the terrain. It might not last very long, but it will happen and you’ll recognise it when it does. You’re over the first big hurdle. 

At pNeura we know the feeling and we provide the tools to support your journey. Set your goals, track your progress and you will cover ground. Trust us, you’ll be gliding in no time.

Photo by Anton Shuvalov on Unsplash