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Micro updates

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As an entrepreneur, you might have written a ‘pitch pack’. You might have slaved over the look and feel, the charts and diagrams in the hope of capturing a VC’s attention in the 20 seconds they take to look at it. I know I have. I downloaded all the right templates, reviewed the original pitches for Uber, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. I’ve watched the instructional videos and drawn on all my years writing presentations for Boards and executive committees.

I’ve sent perfectly crafted emails to VC’s to accompany the finely honed Powerpoint, and when I got in the room to do my pitch they kicked off the same way, “tell us about X”. When I talked about some of my journey to date, they looked at me blankly. Even though I was pitching and I was the one on show, I reckon I knew more about them than they did about me!

But why would it be any different. They could look at a couple of posts I’ve done on LinkedIn or scroll through my many tweets on sport, politics, books and music to find the couple of tweets on my startup, but otherwise the pitch session was really their only opportunity to find out about me. And those were global VC’s with access to deal flow. The chances that most angel and seed investors will get visibility of a wide range of startups is practically zero. 

pNeura exists to solve this problem, and we do it in a modern way via a social network and frequent micro-updates. Micro-updates are quick to create and even quicker to read and absorb. At pNeura we’ve created a menu of updates that match the journey that you’re on. 

We use pNeura ourselves, so you can follow us and see what we’re up to. 

At pNeura we know that startups are dynamic and creative, constantly flexing and changing (not really pivoting…that was just some media spin), and that pitch decks and emails aren’t the best way to get across the journey that you’re on and the progress you’re making. 

Micro-updates are rapid-fire yet filled with meaning, and cumulatively they tell your story!

So, if you haven’t already, download the app and get started.